The TBE is about sharing original music and songs.

I’ve written a few dozen songs over the years. I have rarely performed them. My friends and band mates from RoosterFish  have been  gracious enough to learn them.

The Tex Brooklyn Experiment performs many of these songs.

Come see us sometime.


The Tex Brooklyn Experiment is a little bit  concert and a little bit rock and roll.

TBX is a musical project of songwriter Robert Rubin on piano and accordion,  supported by Bill Stiffler on bass & vocals, Charlie Loomis on guitar & vocals, and Danny Pattison or Deane Perkins on drums.

Conceived as a vehicle for the original songs of Rubin,  TBX  now performs a wide variety of music, as its members are veterans of many  bands, including the popular coastal  favorite  “RoosterFish”.

A TBX  show  includes  covers of blues, rock,  jazz, country, zydeco, standards, reggae and requests.  Original tunes range from “ Chicken Minuet”  to “ Loose But Not Sleazy”.   In addition to his own work,  Rubin has put music to the words of Shakespeare,  Lewis Carrol,  A.A. Milne,  Scott and Angela Rosin, and Andrew Rodman.  Experience the Experiment.