Tex Brooklyn at Cafe Mundo Newport OR


If you use the closed captioning this is pretty funny.

Stop the Spray    ©Robert Rubin    1979

I was walking through the forest

On a bright, a bright clear sunny day,

I was walking through the forest,

When I heard I heard somebody say,

If you walking through the forest

You better watch out        Watch out for the spray

Because you may be dead tomorrow,

But while your still alive, still alive today

Better Pray, Stop the Spray, stop the spray

Cause they’re poisoning our water, and we’re all, we’re all  gonna mutate,

And they’re causing forced abortions, who could say all those miscarriages are fate,

And they will not hear our pleading,

That they must stop now it’s already too late

Better pray Stop the Spray, Stop the Spray,


So if you love the forest, and you live around her and you want to stay

And if you want your children, to be born alive and to grow up healthy

And if you know the forests, have survived for centuries without that spray

Better pray, stop the spray,  stop the spray.